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Wine on the Vine allows you to connect to the land and spirit of Israel in a tangible way. Plant grapevines in the vineyard of your choice, for yourself or in honor of a loved one, while helping Israel’s growing wine industry and fostering cutting-edge cultural and social innovation.

Why Young Judaea?

  • Young Judaea is the oldest Zionist youth movement in the United States.
  • Support summer and year-round programs in both the US and Israel, from 3rd grade to college and beyond
  • Young Judaea is truly unique in its ability to offer a fun, safe, social environment that also includes a distinct focus on education, leadership, and social action.
  • The result: generation after generation of strong Jewish leaders who are empowered to truly make a difference in their communities, and in the world – while meeting other Jewish youth to build friendships that last a lifetime. Are you ready to make an impact?

Why Vines?

  • Planting vines in Israel is a beautiful way to strengthen your connection to the land of Israel. Vines evoke three millennia of Jewish history in the land, the many biblical references to wine, and also strengthens Israel’s rapidly growing wine industry.
  • Each vine purchase comes with a certificate, delivered to yourself or the honoree of your choice, with a personal message.
  • Up to 75% of the money used to purchase vines is distributed to one of TIIF’s exclusive list of high-impact Israeli charities—charities that foster innovation, prosperity and development for all sectors of Israeli society and beyond.
  • Four years after your vines are planted, you will be able to visit your chosen winery and enjoy a bottle of wine from your vine in the Holy Land with your friends and family.
  • All vine purchases are tax-deductible in the U.S.


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