The Israel Innovation Fund

Our vision at TIIF is a world where contemporary Israeli culture (‘Hebrew culture’) achieves global success. We believe Hebrew culture will provide a source of common identity for the Jewish Diaspora and a means for people of all backgrounds to connect with Israel, regardless of religious identity and political orientation. TIIF incubates projects that highlight Hebrew culture’s creative successes to new audiences outside Israel. Although we are a non-profit our core goal is to ensure that all of our projects are financially self-sustaining in order to realize our mission to promote innovation in the Jewish non-profit world. Wine on the Vine is TIIF’s first project. Based in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, TIIF is a mix of seasoned veterans from the nonprofit industry and creative young millennials with their finger on the pulse of the next generation. Although our staff is largely in Israel we are also a US registered 501(c)(3).

Plant a Vine


The perfect gift! For just $18 you can plant a vine in Israel and dedicate it to someone you love. The fee goes to the chosen vineyard and TIIF to continue funding our programs.

Start a Vine Bank


Why not plan ahead? Buy your Israeli vines now and plant them later! Your vine bank account will hold them until you need to plant them for an occasion, or as a gift.

Plant a Vineyard


Plant a full vineyard at one of our partner wineries! Root yourself in Israel and invest in the land in a big way by planting a vineyard in your name, or in honor of someone else. We will work with you to choose the region, grape varietal and winery that best suits your interests and to help make this experience as meaningful as possible.

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