Rudy Rochman

Rudy Rochman was born in France and grew up moving around the world from Paris,
Miami, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Israel, New York, and Singapore. At the age of 17, he
enlisted in the IDF Paratroopers and served as a sniper in the 101st Airborne Brigade,
which he still serves as a reservist today.

After the army, Rudy completed his bachelor’s degree at Columbia University since it
was listed as the #1 most anti-Semitic school in North America. There, he founded the
grassroots pro-Israel movement on campus, which revolutionized campus discourse
and quickly became a model for international Zionist movements worldwide.

Rudy is considered a social media influencer with over 150,000 followers; creating
educational viral content aimed at shifting the global, ideological, and political
conversations regarding the Jewish People & Israel.

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