The Michael-Ann Russell
Jewish Community Center

Boreh Pri Hagafen!

Blessing the fruit of the vine is as ancient as 5780 years of Jewish tradition. It’s also as modern as the State of Israel where the wine industry is booming.

The MARJCC has partnered with The Israel Innovation Fund to support Wine on the Vine (WOTV), a new project that funds planting more grapevines in Israel. But wait… there’s MORE! By supporting WOTV, you can also help families right here at MARJCC.  For every vine you plant, WOTV will return a portion of your gift to our Families Helping Families Scholarship Program.

At MARJCC, we believe life is about living more joyfully and giving more generously. With your gift to WOTV, you can help Israeli farmers grow more and help our community thrive more. We can all drink to that!

Plant a Vine


The perfect gift! For just $18 you can plant a vine in Israel and dedicate it to someone you love. The fee goes to the chosen vineyard and TIIF to continue funding our programs.

Start a Vine Bank


Why not plan ahead? Buy your Israeli vines now and plant them later! Your vine bank account will hold them until you need to plant them for an occasion, or as a gift.

Plant a Vineyard


Plant a full vineyard at one of our partner wineries! Root yourself in Israel and invest in the land in a big way by planting a vineyard in your name, or in honor of someone else. We will work with you to choose the region, grape varietal and winery that best suits your interests and to help make this experience as meaningful as possible.

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