The Israel Innovation Fund (TIIF)

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If you want to know how we TIIF. This is how we do!??Our vision is to reignite the Zionist spirit and meet the needs of Jewish Civilization in the twenty-first century by connecting people around the world through the vibrancy and creativity of contemporary Israeli culture.

Posted by The Israel Innovation Fund on Saturday, July 7, 2018

Our vision at TIIF is a world in which contemporary Israeli culture (‘Hebrew culture’) achieves global success. We believe Hebrew culture will provide a source of common identity for the Jewish Diaspora and a means for people of all backgrounds to connect with Israel, regardless of religious identity and political orientation. TIIF incubates projects that highlight Hebrew culture’s creative successes to new audiences outside Israel. Although we are a non-profit, our core goal is to ensure that all of our projects are financially self-sustaining in order to realize our mission to promote innovation in the Jewish non-profit world. Wine on the Vine is TIIF’s first project. Based in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, TIIF is a mix of seasoned veterans from the nonprofit industry and creative young millennials with their finger on the pulse of the next generation. Although our staff is largely in Israel we are also a US registered 501(c)(3).

TIIF Index Fund

Can’t pick a favorite charity from the list? Got more than one charity you’d like to give to? Don’t worry! The TIIF Index Fund will distribute the gift from your vine purchase equally among all of the nonprofits on this page. We’ve carefully selected all of our charitable beneficiaries on the basis of impact, innovation and efficiency – in short organizations that make a difference to the land and people of Israel. You can’t go wrong with any of them!

Leket Israel

Serving as the country’s largest food bank and national food rescue network, Leket Israel’s primary mission is to lead the safe, effective and efficient collection and distribution of surplus nutritious food that would have otherwise been destroyed, redistributing the rescued food to 200 nonprofit partner organizations in Israel, serving 175,000+ needy Israelis weekly.

Leket Israel also works to assist at-risk population groups and the NPOs who serve them through nutrition education, food safety and capacity building projects designed to improve professional standards among the NPOs, which include homeless shelters, soup kitchens, community centers and organizations supplying food packages to the needy, among others.

The fresh, rescued produce provided by Leket Israel is important for the diet of those suffering from food insecurity, enhancing their general well-being and improving their day-to-day functioning. In addition, the produce supplied by Leket Israel saves the 200 NPOs over $1.2 million in monthly food expenses and supports tens of thousands of needy people with access to fresh fruit and vegetables each day.

The Lone Soldier Center

The Israeli Lone Soldier Program provides individual guidance for each participating soldier. For many who partake in the program, their mentor is the sole individual in their lives who can provide consultation and guidance, who they can speak to openly and from whom they receive advice. When participants are ready, they receive further guidance from a volunteer or a host family.

The program holds individual and group training sessions, ranging from basic knowledge of English and math to basic personal finance. In general, the organization aids participants in acquiring basic life skills to help them succeed long term.

The Lone Soldier Center provides solutions for lone soldiers’ basic needs and financial aid is available in critical cases as a temporary solution. The organization also helps soldiers find housing, including room and board on a kibbutz, apartments and even a lone soldier house in Jerusalem.

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