Connecting with Israel, One Vine at a Time

The Israel Innovation Fund (TIIF) is a new Israel-based, U.S.-registered nonprofit whose purpose is to rebuild Zionism for the 21st century by finding exciting new ways to connect to Israel.

Our first project, Wine on the Vine, is a secure and highly customizable e-Commerce fundraising platform for nonprofits, which also supports Israel’s viniculture. We believe it is a win-win-win opportunity for you, for Israel and for TIIF.

Why Plant Vines?

There are few better ways to establish a tangible relationship with Israel than to be literally rooted in its soil. For a donation of just $18 apiece, individuals can plant a vine with leading wineries across the country while benefiting a cause they care about.

The Jewish people’s ties to grape cultivation and winemaking dates back 3,500 years. Wine remained an essential part of Jewish religious life throughout the centuries, and in addition, it has become a central part of the Zionist story. In 1882, at the beginning of the first aliyah, Baron Edmond de Rothschild established two wineries in Rishon L’Tzion and Zichron Ya’acov. The return of the grapevine to the Land meant much more than just reviving ancient tradition. The vines were sourced from Château Lafite and the winemakers were from Bordeaux. As with so many other areas, Israel’s winemakers have strived from the beginning to achieve world-class excellence as a way to enrich the nation and the meaning of life itself.

Why Sell Vines?

The promotion and planting of vines in Israel is a natural and directly emotive way for your organization to connect with donors, alumni, families and students, and to find new supporters of all ages. Through some of our partner options, we can offer you a significant return of for each vine purchased through a customized landing page designed for you.

WOTV can help reach a new generation. Millennials have a particularly strong connection to both wine and the environment. Coupled with this unique tie to Israel, a vine purchase makes for a contemporary and creative link to Israel. Whether it’s celebrating life events of those they love, supporting Israeli wine, connecting to Israel’s soil or supporting an organization with a tax-deductible (for U.S. persons) donation, there is a range of compelling and enduring reasons to buy vines.

Ways to Partner with Wine on the Vine

Depending on your organization’s budget and preferences, we offer three different partnership models, which can be used individually or in combination.

1. Start a Vine Bank. By purchasing vines in bulk through our Vine Bank, you can choose to give them away to members, donors, and honorees to recognize life cycle events or commemorate cherished community members. As you plant each vine, you can also choose among more than a dozen Israeli charities to direct a portion of the purchase price. To start a vine bank, click here.

2. Sell Vines and Raise Funds. If you’re looking for a special new way to raise funds for your nonprofit, WOTV can create a landing page for you. This is perfect for organizations with significant communications platforms such as email lists and social media. By selling vines, you receive a portion of the purchase price, as well as full data on buyers. Vines are tax-deductible in the U.S. For more information, contact us.

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