What is…
Wine On The Vine?

Planting a vine is the best way to give a gift of Israel.

Are you looking to honor someone for their Bar Mitzvah, wedding, or birthday?
Or maybe you love them and want to do something nice?

The best part?
You’re helping to tackle a worthwhile cause for Israeli society while contributing to its vibrant economy.
It’s that simple: Plant your vine now!

Wine With Adam!

Shortly before finishing his post, Thomas Nides, the outgoing U.S. ambassador to Israel, sat down with Adam Bellos in a wide-ranging, tell-all interview about his service as envoy to what he called America’s “most important friend—certainly in the Middle East and, I would say, in the world.”

Wine Tours

We offer private wine tours from our partner wineries around the country.

Tours feature intimate visits to Israel’s top wineries and wine destinations, allowing guests to taste plenty of wine, enjoy delicious food, and meet the key influencers of contemporary Israeli wine culture.

Israeli Wine

Wine is Israel’s best-kept secret. For three thousand years, it has filled the Kiddush cups of rabbis, kings, and now, Birthright kids.

More than a staple of Israeli culture, buying Israeli wine is an investment in the rapidly growing Israeli wine industry and economy. Drink Israeli!

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